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Manchester NH Immigration Attorney Practice Areas

Family Based Immigration:


U.S. citizens may petition for the immigration of finances, parents, spouses, children and siblings. Permanent residents may petition for spouses and children.

If the beneficaries are in the United States, when the visa number is available, they are eligible to apply for green card in the United States, which is called “adjustment of status” through USCIS.

If they are overseas or not eliglbe to adjust status in the United States, they may obtain their permanent visa/green card through the U.S. Embassy, which is called “Consular Processing.” For applicants who previously had immigration violations, they may need to apply for I-601 waiver or I-212 waiver.

Manchester NH Immigration Attorney Jason M. Sullivan has extensive experience and a proven record assisting clients with family based immigration matters.

Employment Based Immigration:


We routinely assist businesses in employing the best talent in the world, foreign investors expand their US businesses, and foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities, including numerous professional athletes and internationally known musicians and entertainers.

Manchester NH Immigration Attorney Jason M. Sullivan has successfully assisted numerous businesses regarding their employment based immigration needs such as:

H-1B Specialty Occupation (Professionals) Visas 

Professional workers with at least a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent work experience) may be eligible for a non-immigrant visa if their employers can demonstrate that they are to be paid at least the prevailing wage for the position.

H-2B Seasonal Worker Visa

The H-2B visa is for short-term or seasonal workers in non-agricultural positions, such as landscape, cleaning, construction, hotel, and restaurant workers. The H-2B visa permits a stay of up to 10 months for seasonal workers, and longer if the need is a one-time occurrence. You can petition for multiple H-2B workers at one time.

E-1/E-2 Treaty Trader and Investor Visas 

Investors and traders and their employees may receive visas to carry on their businesses in the U.S. if their home country has a commercial treaty with the US conferring visa eligibility.

L-1 Intracompany Transfer Visas 

L-1 visas are available to executives, managers and specialized knowledge employees transferring to their employer’s U.S. affiliate. Executives and managers holding L-1 visas may be eligible for permanent residency without the need for a labor certification.

O-1 Extraordinary Ability Worker Visas 

The O-1 category is set aside for foreign nationals with extraordinary ability. This includes entertainers, musicians, athletes, scientists, and business people.

P-1 Artists and Athletes Visas 

This category covers athletes, artists, musicians and entertainers.

R-1 Religious Worker Visas 

Religious workers may be eligible for an R-1 visa.

TN Status Under the North American Free Trade Agreement 

A special category has been set up for nationals of Canada and Mexico under the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Waivers of Grounds of Inadmissibility:


For applicants who are presently “inadmissible” to the United States, such as individuals who have had prior immigration violations, have a contagious diseases, or a criminal history, he or she may need to apply for waiver of that ground or grounds of inadmissibility.  We have been very successful in obtaining waivers on behalf of our clients.  Our Manchester Immigration Attorney has a proven track record in obtain the approval of waivers of grounds of inadmissibility.



For most of our clients, obtaining United States Citizenship is their ultimate goal.  Lawful permanent residents who are eligible to apply for admission to citizenship may do so through naturalization proceedings. Other foreign nationals actually become U.S. citizens automatically by being born outside the United States to one or more U.S. citizens. Some foreign nationals acquire U.S. citizenship through the naturalization of one or both of their parents.

Manchester Immigration Attorney Jason M. Sullivan provides complete legal services in all types of citizenship cases, including attendance at citizenship or naturalization interviews before USCIS.