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Personal Injury Lawyer NH

Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Sullivan is a personal injury lawyer in Portsmouth NH who has represented individuals and their families who have been seriously injured, or killed, as a result of the negligence of others for nearly 20 years. Personal injuries not only cause physical pain, but often emotional and financial hardship through loss of work, medical bills, and stress placed the injured and his or her family.  We understand that when an accident happens, lives can be forever changed.  Simple pleasures become chores. Daily routines are often disrupted. Lost income can often be devastating. Whether caused by an automobile accident, a defective product, or other negligent or careless conduct, injuries can sometimes alter lives forever.  Attorney Sullivan has nearly two decades of experience providing effective, aggressive investigation and representation of injured clients.  Attorney Sullivan can help you decide your best course of action and can develop the best legal strategy for demonstrating your claim to an insurance company or a jury.

Our Personal Injury Law Services

Auto Accidents

If you are involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, or have suffered other personal injuries due to the negligence of another, there are several important factors that require immediate consideration.  It is crucial that you consult an attorney experienced with New Hampshire accident cases as quickly as possible.  Between medical care, dealing with insurance companies, and protecting your legal interests in any court action, having an experienced  personal injury attorney behind you can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

All motorists have a duty to operate their motor vehicle safely and to avoid an accident whenever possible. If a driver’s mistake violates this responsibility, he or she may be held legally liable for the injuries he or she causes as a result of their negligent or reckless actions. For the victims of these accidents, this liability can prove important, as it may help them recover the costs of medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and even wages lost during treatment and recovery.  Only an experienced personal injury attorney can determine what compensation you are entitled to.

Our traffic laws exist to protect others, and motorists who negligently operate their vehicles or take unnecessary risks and break these laws may cause devastating accidents.  Fortunately, New Hampshire takes negligent and reckless driving seriously, and victims of unsafe and dangerous drivers have the right to take legal action against the individuals at fault (and sometimes others) for their accidents. Our auto accident lawyer can help you fight back and secure the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve sustained an injury as the result of another driver’s reckless actions on the road, it is important to learn more about your legal rights and options for pursuing compensation against the unsafe motorist at fault.

Premises Liability

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their guests are not placed at undue and unsafe risk of suffering harm due to the conditions on their premises.  Unfortunately, this responsibility is not always upheld, often resulting in dangerous accidents and serious injuries to others to occur. For this reason, property owners may be held liable for their negligence in placing others in harm’s way.

If you have been injured in an accident on another person’s property, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

Wrongful Death

Nothing could be more painful than the loss of a beloved family member. Aside from the emotional support and companionship that may have been provided by a deceased loved one, there are many cases in which a family may have been financially dependent upon the individual. While nothing can possibly make up for this type of loss, financial compensation may be available for immediate family members in this situation to help pay for the costs of funeral expenses, medical care, and other consequences of this terrible tragedy.

If you or someone you know has lost a loved one as a consequence of another party’s negligence or recklessness, you should not have to bear additional financial burdens. When a family member dies unexpectedly, it can have a significant impact on many different aspects of their loved ones’ lives. For this reason, financial compensation may be available for a wide range of different issues, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of companionship